Mega Project Advisory EQDMS (Equinox Development Management Services)


EQDMS offering is about providing developers/owners with the critical expertise to successfully undertake real estate development throughout its life-cycle. The services provided by EQDMS can be divided into the following four main stream of services:

Demand stream:

EQDMS provides professional services that cover the full array of development activities including establishing and managing Client’s requirements, providing detailed feasibility studies, project specific’s business plan, development strategy, phasing strategy, budget reviews and cashflow management. EQDMS also conduct master plan review from business and technical perspectives. EQDMS also provides project management oversights, if requested.

Development stream:

EQDMS provides market sounding services in sourcing and establishing potential tenants and end-users of the facilities. As and when required macro and micro Market Study shall be reviewed and updated for completeness, either in house or through independent consultants. With specific demand study, the development’s business plan, development strategy, master plan, phasing plan, and project-based cashflow management shall be tailored to suit the requirements of the development.

Funding stream:

Working closely with financial advisors and financing institutions, EQDMS has the capacity to provide the much-needed input to the developers/owners to structure and secure the appropriate project financings. This include reviewing various financing mechanisms to ensure that funds are available throughout the execution of the development.

Operation stream:

EQDMS in conjunction with Equinox Hospitality Middle East and other affiliates, shall provide operation management services for the operation of hotels, retails, and other components of the development. EQDMS shall assist developers/owners to source and secure hotel operators, retail operators and facility management companies. As and when required, EQDMS shall also source asset management consultant for the development.