Asset Management

Equinox Middle East has taken the traditional hotel asset management model and integrated the various stages of hotel ownership – from the critical early investment decision through to the ultimate disposal – with specialist hotel knowledge and expertise. Our approach results in a close partnership with the client, to identifying and understand his key objectives and concerns, then tailor our strategy to focus on what is important to them, thus mentioned we provide:

  • Dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge of hotel operations and the Market across Saudi Arabia, UAE and the United States
  • Access to extensive benchmarking data
  • A fully integrated service, helping owners maximize value throughout all parts of the hotel asset lifecycle
  • An approach which is tailored to your unique requirements
  • A value-added approach that offers real solutions
  • An approach that looks beyond the obvious and focuses on maximizing value.

Appropriate and considerate applied Asset Management will serve as a performance accelerator for any operation, ultimately enhance profitability. Our operational analysis always taking the specific situation the business is within an account, at the same time, we are considering international benchmarking. The reporting towards the owners is comprehensive, yet easy to understand.With our specialized and sophisticated asset management – application for hotel operations of any scale and category, we are providing the owner with additional information and indicators, enabling him to pursue broader measures of enhancing operational profit and quality.